Vision and Mission Statement

Let's Involve Ethics today!

...because together we can make life more fun. That's what we believe in and that's what we aim for. Not by gathering around a camp fire while singing Kumbayaa - although that can be a lot of fun as well - but by working on important aspects in business culture. Aspect that are often overlooked and that, sometimes on purpose but often unconsciously, are put aside. This can be confronting. But without fiction no shine. This is why our trainings, advice and support, as the proverbial friction - and sometimes as caresses as well! - make an essential difference in any team. Involve Ethics is the partner to help increase workplace happiness within your organisation.

Vision and Mission statement

Involve Ethics advises, coaches and supports her clients with business- and organizational ethics from a clear, realistic perspective. We focus on day-to-day matters and have an eye for interpersonal relations. Our main goal is to have as many of your employees as possible wake up and actually feel like going to work in the morning, and have them come home after a day's work, thinking: "Today was a good day!" (Kumbayaa!)

In short: We aim to help increase workplace happiness as much as possible for as many people as possible. We do this by working with our clients on everything regarding business ethics in a positive manner. We focus on the practical, efficient and effective use of tools borrowed from philosophy and we highlight that which makes us happier and more successful.