Involve Ethics was founded by Marlie van der Heijden MA (born 1984) manager and philospher with extensive expiernce in HR- and business support. She is also the inventor of FunEthics. Because of her specialization in practical business- and organizational ethics combined with her experience as (project-) manager, Marlie is able to adequately handle a diversity of challenges in organizations.

Marlie is onze of the first and few professionals in and outside The Netherlands who has done extensive research on the ethics of classic pragmatist philosophy combined with scientific management, specifically applied in modern business ethics. Her inspiration comes not only from the philosophical tradition, but mainly from everyday professional life: That which we actually come across in our jobs.

On top of her bachelor and master's studies in philosophy at Tilburg University, Marlie earned a teacher's degree in philosophy as well. Her studies combined with her professional experience provide her with the necessary skills, credentials and network to make everything in your organization that involves ethics, ethical policy, integrity, moral dilemma's and business philosophy, into a success.