Socratic conversation

A pleasant way of philosophising together and learning to listen more closely to each other, is the socratic conversation. Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates had there conversations (preferrably, while walking) with his students as a firm form of 'brain gymnastics'. In recent years this form of conversation has been revitalized by philosophers and trainers, because it's not just simple but effective as well.

In a socratic conversation it's neither about being right nor about finding 'a definitive answer' to a question. It is about participants obtaining a more thorough understanding of that which is dicussed. Thinking with each other, having an actual dialogue, everyone's input is valued equally. But beware: You can only speak from your own experience, so quoting your favorite authors or inspirators will be cut off!

A socratic conversation is strenuous both for participants as for the conversation leader. This is why conversations hosted by Involve Ethics are always preceded by 'landing' in the conversational area, accompanied by a nice, cozy dup of coffee or herbal tea. After the conversation (which lasts around 60 minutes), everyone present will have a moment to theirself. Calm music will guide us through a couple of minutes in which we can linger off in our thoughts, or process what just has been discussed. After this, there's time for another drink and some socializing.

  • Minimum 8, maximum 18 group size
  • Location: variable, throughout the Netherlands but mainly in Noord-Brabant, Eindhoven area
  • Price: Depends on location
  • Check the calendar for data, locations and application
  • Can also be booked for your team or company, contact us to discuss options