Interim Ethical Consultant

In recent years, support in the ethical field is called for more than ever. In times of transparancy, companies wish to improve their culture. They also want to increase their employee's motivation, engagement and loyalty. Involve Ethics is happy to support this development and we believe it all starts with paying attention to business ethics.

If you want to (temporarily) hire a consultant / advisor in the field of business ethics, we are your go-to partner. We can complement your project team or assist in articulating and profiling ethics as a theme within your company. For example by sparring with MT's and supporting marketing, PR and communications teams. For smaller businesses we are also here, to help you set up or optimize your business ethics, compliance, integrity and/or CSR strategies and policies.

Our support is adapted to your company and its size, your needs, and your line of business. To do so as complete and correct as possible, we sometimes cooperate with specialists who each have their own expertise. This can be colleague business ethicists, but also actors, psychologists, lifestyle coaches, et cetera.

Together, we will determine a frequency and duration of the support agreement. Each organization has different needs.

Additional advantages to subscribing to a long-term support agreement are:

  • Significantly less worrying about your structural tasks concerning business ethics
  • Should an ethically sensitive occasion occur, the already existing work relation means that you don't have to look for an ethical advisor while you're in the middle of your ethical issue.
  • You will enjoy an attractive discount of 15% on other services, such as FunEthics sessions and workshops.
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