FunEthics & Ethiek Culinair

Ethiek Culinair

An afternoon or an evening full of inspiration and fun. With lovely snacks and drinks, interesting conversations and good company: that is Ethiek Culinair (Culinary Ethics).
It is a unique concept that starts with a short introduction by your host(ess) of the event. You take place at tables of four persons. With the help of the captivating and interesting topics starters you’ll take a straight plunge into meaningful conversation. All topics are related in one way or another to ethics in its broadest sense.
During the dialogue, tasty snacks will be served at your table. If preferred, your host(ess) is available to shortly mingle in and shine her light on the conversations. After half an hour, the bell rings and it’s time for exchanging places so that new conversations can start with new conversation partners.
There will be a total of 3 seatings with new table mates and new conversation topics. The event ends with a short, philosophical wrap-up.
Ethiek Culinair is for example very suitable for:
  • staff lunches
  • staff dinners
  • family dinners
  • socially engaged groups who want to try something new
Do you want to book Ethiek Culinair or wish to get more info? Send an e-mail to
Ethiek Culinair is available as a fully hosted event ór as a ready-made concept for which you take care of the host(ess), location, and further organization.


Ethics is a serious topic, but it can also be addressed in a more unconstrained way. Involve Ethics offers a combination of fun and thinking in an uncomplicated, creative manner. Our slogan "Let's Involve Ethics today" isn't empty: if you want to, you can pay attention to ethics on any day, any moment. FunEthics is the ideal educative intermezzo during your social business activity (e.g. a teambuilding session, workshop, training, or an unconventional business event for your most valued relations).

Our vibrant, appealing inspirational sessions packed with examples taken straight from current developments are a fantastic part of a programme for your open day, cultural festival, intermezzo or congress. Whether you organize your event on behalf of a (semi-)governmental organization, school, foundation, company, foundation, charity or other, and whether there's 2 or 200 participants present: all FunEthics sessions are tailor-madem which makes them suitable for any group size and any sort of organisation.

A FunEthics event strengthens connections and solidifies trust. Together you create a lasting memory.

A FunEthics session (duration: minimum 1 hour, maximum 4 hours) is adapted to your requirements. It can take place during or following an event. Examples are:
  • Open house on your business office, location or event
  • Festival
  • Boat trip
  • (Guided) City walk
  • Museum / expo
  • Cycling tour
  • Cooking- or baking workshop
  • Wine tasting
  • Beer tasting
  • High tea 

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